Random musings about "faith" and Law of Attraction

- An elderly gentleman would hide a substantial variety of tennis balls in his backyard, after which phone on his trustworthy puppy to fetch them, a single at a time as he marked his coupon.

I know, it would be exhausting -- not to mention perhaps insane -- to interpret every single moment in life as symbolic. But if you have some great question about life, try holding it in your mind for a while, both waking and sleeping, not grabbing for answers but just waiting to see what emerges. Imagine you are living a dream that has special meaning just for you. Be aware of life as meaningful, and you will find that it becomes every day more beautiful and more magical. And you will feel less alone, because you will learn to see life as a conversation between you and a sacred world. What if everything is alive; what if nothing is random; what if every moment is the answer?

The examiners passed me with high honors and I graduated with great expectorations. I looked forward eagerly to the task of awakening and molding young minds to the treasures of whirled literature. Transcripts and completed employment application will follow.

* Femtocells costs too much - at least at this point. Spring Airave for example costs $100 just to buy the device, and then you have to pay $5/month for the "privilege" of saving your cell carrier money.

This is one of the kindest things I've ever experienced. I have no way to know who sent it, but there is a beautiful soul working in the dead letter office of the US postal service.

Night terrors are messages repeated from your subconscious. They are communications that, at times, literally SCREAM at you (or make you SCREAM!). Night terrors are akin to you trying to verbally communicate with someone who is deaf: no matter how loud you speak, the person cannot hear you. Night terrors occur because your subconscious knows you are not listening to it. As many dreams as it may have sent to you, you have responded with a deaf ear.

I decided to install a water descaler at my house to try and prevent lime and water scale. If you are not familiar with water descalers, they are like water softeners but don't require salt. The products hook up to your water line and electronically change the makeup of the water. This electronic change helps to prevent water scale. Here is my review of the water descaler I installed.

“Just a Minute” – a game in which every student has to speak for one minute on a topic given. This can be from topics as complex as Toefl speaking subjects, for example, “Is it better to be married or single? Give reasons for your choice” to simple or strange topics such as “Chocolate” or “Why my aunt Mary always serves cake for dinner”.

Some years later, in 1872, the Russian nobleman, Count Grigory Stroganoff (the famous patron of the arts, lover of beef cooked in a creamy sauce, and aficionado of fine Ukrainian vodka), was given Nemyriv as part of his wealthy wife's dowry. He promptly opened up a large commercial distillery in the town. His daughter, Maria Shcherbatova, took over the running of the plant in 1885 and it is said that the spirit of her management style and commitment to quality and innovation lives on in the Nemiroff Vodka Company today.